Oyster Meat 蚝肉 (9/12)

RM25.00 /Pkt

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Deep Sea

Nett weight 700gm per pack (Individual Plastic Pack)
Size : 9g - 12g

Fresh Oyster are frozen using Instant Quick-Freeze (IQF) equipment. 
They are placed into a cryo-chilling tunnel, which instantly freezes them sealing in the flavor and freshness for an extended period of time. This method is applied to both oysters on the half-shell and select grade shucked oyster meat.



Klang Valley: 

RM20 (3-4 working days)


RM30 - RM40 (4-5 working days)

Free delivery (Klang Valley) for any purchase of RM130 and above OR

Free delivery (Outstation) for any purchase of RM 180 and above

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