About Us

Are you craving for fresh seafoods but distrust the quality of online products? Had bad experiences with dishonest sellers and scammers who sell products which are too good to be true and don’t match as per illustrated?

Or are you afraid of irresponsible merchants who concern only on profits but not after-sales services? Long queue for products delivery and last-minute cancellation with no proper platform for feedback or improvement?

Or are you frustrated to liaise with many sellers for different products just for a decent meal for the day?  Looking for an all-in-one platform for all your daily seafood cravings and indulgence?

If any of the above concerned you, then you have landed on the right place. We, Malaysiaseafood.com, will be your saviour for the rest of your seafood and complementary products experiences online.

Malaysiaseafood.com is a one-for-all marketplace for all types of seafood & complementary products. All merchants on our marketplace are seafood or complementary specialists with years of experiences in relevant industry. Exclusive deals and free gift/PWP offers are available from each merchant.

Malaysiaseafood.com aims to gather all the large market players in Malaysia which are currently widely scattered all over in different channels and mediums. Guaranteed best prices, best deals and zero middle person throat-cutting mark ups. Only trusted merchants and genuine products will be listed.  Deliveries in the shortest possible lead time throughout Malaysia.

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