CNY 1 雪兆丰年 Best Year Premium Seafood Combo

RM248.00 /Package

Sold By :

Deep Sea

Chilean Cod Fish 智利鳕鱼 (200g+-/pcs) x 2pcs 

Green Mussel 半壳青蚝 x 1pkt 

Unagi 日本烤鳗鱼 x 1pkt 

Chuka Idako 日本腌制小章鱼 x 1pkt 

Baby Octopus 小章鱼 x 1pkt 

Snow Crab Leg 雪蟹条 x 2pkt

Crab Claw 蟹钳 x 2pkt 



Klang Valley: 

RM20 (3-4 working days)


RM30 - RM40 (4-5 working days)

Free delivery (Klang Valley) for any purchase of RM130 and above OR

Free delivery (Outstation) for any purchase of RM 180 and above

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